Caren Barbour

Graduated from ESMOD, I have decided in 2011 to join the ESA for a Master in Management in order for me to improve my skills in Business and Marketing. Those two years helped me acquire a qualified knowledge in the management of a brand and the structuration of real and solid action plans behind any new project. At the ESA, we had the chance to meet up with some key people (managers, consultants, etc.) from international companies involved in various and diverse industries (retail, luxury, etc.). They shared their experience and opened doors to career opportunities.

After I graduated, my diploma helped me integrate l’Oréal Lebanon where I worked for two years as a product manager for Armani.

In 2015, my passion for creation and my ambition for enterpreneurship pushed me to launch my own brand called Caren Lola and commit entirely to it.

Caren Lola is a ready-to-wear fashion brand specialised in the confection of handmade hats and bags for women.

In the first 2 years of Caren Lola, my goal was to develop collections with a strong identity and beautiful designs.

I have consolidated a communication strategy around digital media (social media and an e-commerce platform) and this, allowed the brand to gather a community of loyal clients and fans.

In 2017, I also extended this strategy to international advertising campaigns (Vogue).

So far, Caren Lola’s creations are distributed in 15 different countries located between Africa, Europe, USA and the Arab world.