Carla Mendoza

I have been involved in the ESA EMBA program for several years as professor in charge of the Cost Accounting and Management control core course. During this challenging 3-day seminar, participants are asked to work in teams on case studies. One of them is particularly demanding since it requires to define the budgets for every department in a company. Each team represents one of the firm’s departments (sales, production, etc.). They have to process a large amount of information, negotiate the resources needed with Headquarters and work with the other teams to make sure that the firm will achieve its global objectives.

Each year, we have observed the same: at the beginning, the participants are stressed because they quickly realize the complexity of the exercise. However, as they are highly motivated, they persevere and they soon manage to complete the tasks required. This long work session (which usually continues late into the evening) reflects the uniqueness of our EMBA program perfectly: the impressive involvement of our students, their capacity to adapt, their tenacity and will to rise to the challenge.

For us professors, it is extremely gratifying to work with such participants as they give the best of themselves and demonstrate active participation in the learning process.