Lama Bahsoun

I graduated from ESA Business School in 2015 with a master in management. I had joined the program with a big interest in entrepreneurship. For different reasons, these two years spent at this university have helped me reach my career goals.

First of all, we had a rich variety of courses that helped us develop a real understanding of the business world. We were able to extend our knowledge and learn marketing, finance, accounting and managerial tools. My bachelor wasn't related to business directly, therefore, this master was essential to me in order to acquire the business knowledge I was lacking.

Secondly, the professors we had were very much experienced in their fields. They offered us a way of thinking and most projects we worked on were concrete case studies. We were able to study the market, analyze brands and learn how the creation process of a brand starts. Most importantly, I have to say that this program made me meet a large group of people that have different skills and ways of thinking. With classmates, we have learned to work and manage projects together. Also, since I was very much interested in the wellness and health field, I met many people in this domain.

Finally, by the end of 2015, I started working on an entrepreneurial project that led to the creation of a company and brand called biopret. The company has been fully operational since summer 2017. With my partners and I, we have created a portfolio of organic products that we develop and distribute. Our products are now present in different health shops, pharmacies and restaurants and we are currently working on exporting our brand to the GCC.