Nina El Hajj Srour

Senior Manager, Head of Consumer protection and corporate publishing – Group Credit Libanais
The year was 2013. I was looking for a higher institution that could respond to my post- graduate aspirations. As a dynamic senior executive at a leading bank in Lebanon and a mother of three young kids, I sought to join an institution that could take me on a learning journey combining professionalism with international exposure. In brief, I wanted Europe in Beirut.

What ESA offered exceeded my expectations: the esteemed school gave me the opportunity to study and share experiences in an exceptional green and oxygenated cadre in the heart of busy Beirut. Fly-in professors from top and renowned global campuses were accessible although at a distance, international seminars attended reinforced the learning experience, the flexible and convivial management team made the ESA experience the best it can be, and of course, the group of “class-mates” turned into “life-time-friends” when ESA journey came to an end.