Oliver Greusard

Teaching Corporate Finance yearly in ESA EMBA is an enjoyable experience for me.

The students’ skill level is excellent. They are high-level professionals: Engineers, Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, and CEOs. As most of the students are experts in a specific domain, our job as teachers is to help them develop a more transversal knowledge on decision-making tools, like Corporate Finance, so that their career will take off and that they may have a better understanding about the strategic dimension of management.

As a lecturer in Corporate Finance at ESCP Europe and also a Chartered Accountant (French CPA), I really appreciate the interaction with the students. Throughout the three days of the seminar, each financial topic I develop encourages the students to seek more knowledge on the subject and its application to their professional activity. I feel like a consultant creating tailor-made approaches to facilitate their understanding of Corporate Finance concepts. Discussing about how the financial tools can be applied in their companies is also a platform for them to share their experience on the different ways to do business in Middle East, from Lebanon to Dubai and from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

To conclude, I am very proud to help EMBA students of ESA embark on a new phase of their professional careers by providing them with tools to become strategic decision makers.