Ralph Yaacoub

Within the program, MBA students will have the unique opportunity to participate in a 5-days study trip in Paris. The main highlights of this seminar will tackle Entrepreneurship in all its aspects, conferences held by French entrepreneurs, lectures focused on business development and economic challenges, incubators and start-ups visits, etc. Courses will also be held at ESCP Europe on Paris Campus.

“Luxuriously indispensable” is one way one can describe the 2017 MBA International Seminar that took place in Paris and that revolved around Entrepreneurship. Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Nancy JABBOUR and Prof. Antoine EL HAGE, we were able to delve into the world of Entrepreneurship by meeting remarkable guest speakers, most of whom, if not all, arrived to the ESCP campus well beforehand (a phenomenon that is particularly striking to the Lebanese culture). Other than talking about up-to-date concepts and innovative tactics related to entrepreneurship, the guests related their own experiences as entrepreneurs. They shared their successes. They also shared their failures.

We were also introduced to the luxury market in France and had the opportunity to go out of Paris and visit two champagne producers in Reims (AYALA and G. H. MUMM), in addition to an integrated advertising agency called BETC in Pantin. We interacted with members of BETC Luxe, who appeared to be so passionate about their work, and toured around the open and spacious work environment that is tailored to develop great ideas.

From having lunch at the local school cafeteria to eating an exquisite meal at Les Cray—źres in Reims, the overall experience at the seminar was unanimously outstanding. Not only did it add value to our MBA program and to our professional lives, it was essential in order to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset. We simply hope that it was just the first, and not only, international seminar that we will attend.