Rawad Fakhry

In 2014 I had the opportunity to join the ESA / IAE Poitier Masters in Management program. The Program has allowed me to developed and hone my skills in a dynamic environment. Without a doubt this journey fueled my entrepreneurial venture, allowing me to co-found Rafiqi a social matching platform based in Beirut which was launched in Beirut and Dubai.

In this journey ESA improved my business acumen enabling me to understand all the requirements in the startup world. Despite Rafiqi’s failure after two years, my experience along with my double degree I was able to join Salesforce the fastest growing large enterprise software in the world helping over 150,000 businesses grow and overcome challenges throughout the world.

The skills acquired during my Master's degree serve my day to day tasks in understanding various business issues and provided me the knowledge to overcome them.

I would encourage current ESA students with high ambitions to take the chance into entrepreneurship in the fast growing MENA market while taking advantage of all the knowledge provided by ESA and its incubator SmartESA.