International Business Development Manager – GM Valoores
If we were to give a title to this seminar, it would be; "Reinventing Lions in the Lion City". As a matter of fact, this seminar unfolded a myriad of opportunities; it was an eye opener. Singapore, indeed, is a diamond in the rough.

A retrospective: the preps' endeavor, though transparent to us, was such a clean cut; no hick ups or hurdles at all. It did materialize in a seamless sequel of sessions, visits, built and designed to put fire in our hearts, minds, and souls.

"Energy" was all over the place; it reigned over the group's bonding, sessions, and the non- sugar-coated site visits. We were breathing it while socializing in there.

"Exposure" was at the front burner, especially with our counterparts from ESCP Europe students, alongside the inspirational speakers, who were meticulously chosen.

The whole breather had a surgical impact on our "strategy" perception: it amplified our spectrum and bandwidth to capture new business opportunities in Asia, and more specifically, in China.

Asia's potential is massive, especially with the rise of China, the middle kingdom, as a super power; it has been pulled back to our calibrated radar.

We even were exposed to best practices on how to blend in there (as in the Guanxi), from Singapore, as a regional hub, as the secret sauce of doing business in Asia.

The sessions were diversified and enriching; lessons learned from the past, today's best practices, and tomorrow's emerging trends. It was indeed put together with passion, rolled out with passion, and it did create passion across the board. I';m sure it will shine passion from there.

This visit is only the beginning; and based off what we saw in there, 2 lessons one can pick up; "Let's shape up, or ship out", "it's not the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean".