Blood transfusion

Thanks to this project, the Ministry can guarantee the safety of patients and donors and the self-sufficiency of quality labile blood products (red blood cells, plasma and platelets — approximately 150.000 blood bags per year in Lebanon).
In partnership with the Français du Sang (EFS) and coordination by ESA with the support of the French Embassy, Improvement of blood transfusion in Lebanon has been one of the cooperation projects between France and Lebanon since 2011.
This project aims at reorganizing the national collection system, blood sampling, preparation, qualification, distribution and delivery, traceability of labile blood products, drafting of good practices at various stages of blood transfusion and related procedures,listing and specific characteristics of the required tools and equipment (medical devices, computer systems, premises, etc.) in addition to the principles of donor selection and qualification tests to bring together practices and processes at the national level.

Examples of actual project achievements

  • Creation of the Comité Libanais de Transfusion Sanguine (CLTS).
  • Drafting of Lebanon's good practices derived from international best practices, but adapted to local specifics.
  • Enhancement of health security through unification/standardization of qualification tests.
  • Increase of blood bags reimbursement by the Lebanese social security system (to include new qualification tests).
  • First historic participation of the Lebanese Ministry in the World Health Day in 2015.
  • Establishment of a provisional hotline regarding blood donation.
  • Early risk management by the committee (zika virus).