ESA & Arts

Since its creation, ESA has been heavily involved in the promotion of arts and culture in Lebanon. This commitment reflects both a desire of the institute, and a corporate culture.
Over the years the ESA campus has become a setting for art exhibitions, where students can come across Nadim Karam’s sculptures, Jean-Marc Dallanegra’s paintings, as well as works from Saër Karam, Ayman Baalbacki or Leila Kazma, among many others. These exhibitions are intended to promote ESA’s vision: “To train leaders who are accountable, innovative and open to the world.”

Our ambition is, in effect, to open our students up to new forms of expression, to innovation, and to creation; one of the mainstays of entrepreneurship.

ESA also strives to be a meeting place, opening a window onto the contemporary world. The world of art and the world of business converge resolutely towards complementary interests: creation for the first, strategies for a different style of communication and contribution to society for the second. Art is always a source of mutual enrichment.

Furthermore, each year ESA organizes a big number of artistic or cultural exhibitions to send a message of support and encouragement to this domain in Lebanon, helping uphold Beirut as a hub of creation and dissemination, and a symbol of freedom and diversity.