Campus Life


In ESA’s common spaces, fit with modern furniture and designed to allow optimal student comfort, students socialize, exchange ideas, ignite connections, built friendships and mostly create one of a kind memories. It is where they take their first steps into networking, and share their knowledge with their peers.


A space for study and reference, the library, CEDIM is comprised of the best books and references in business. And in compliance with the current times, all of its resources are digitized allowing students to consult and research from any location and to take advantage of the many common, open or green spaces on campus as well.

La Boussole

Welcome onboard ESA’s restaurant “La Boussole”, amidst a fully renovated and redecorated space in the spirit of “La Boussole”, which refers to a compass, the navigation instrument, and more particularly to the great navigator and French explorer of the eighteenth century: Captain Jean Francois de Galaup de Laperouse, who sailed his ship “La Boussole” on an expedition to the great South Pacific Ocean.

On August 1st 1785, Louis XVI entrusted Laperouse with the command of one of the most important scientific expeditions of the age of enlightenment. And as per the roadmap that was handed to him, and following the trail of the great English navigator James Cook, Laperouse halted his ship in Australia, Botany Bay, then on the west shore of New Caledonia that was known to him.

Shortly after in 1788, both ships of the expedition “La Boussole” (commanded by Laperouse) and “L’Astrolabe” (commanded by Fleuriot de Langle) failed on the Vanikoro reef in the South Pacific, which tragically and prematurely aborted the expedition.

Two centuries later, Laperouse the great navigator and explorer embodies the values that ESA wishes to convey to its students, values that will be their wealth and heritage. An excellent sailor, of high professionalism and unquestionable loyalty, Laperouse had all the qualities of a leader within him: he was a tough and yet righteous man, compassionate, who knew how to take care of his crew, scholars, astronomers, physicists and naturalists that sailed with him, and who respected the people he was bound to encounter.

For aspiring leaders and business men in training, what better example than Laperouse to emulate? May he inspire our students and contribute, thanks to his background and personality, to turning them into responsible leaders and managers.