Student Department

Who are we?

The Student Department is an association at ESA Business School aiming at organizing and animating the student life through cultural and festive events.
Members of the Student Department are appointed by the students and ESA management at the end of the academic year and are part ESA structure.
Elections are carried out following a two-week electoral campaign after the publishing of many competing lists.

Why is there a Student Department at ESA?

Focused on the future and on entrepreneurship and innovation, ESA allows the students to create, organize and manage real time projects as a whole through the different activities of the department.

The first Student Department of ESA: Le QARTEL

The first Student Department of ESA was created in 2017 and the same academic year 2017-2018 witnessed many activities and projects.
Members of the QARTEL:
  • Chairman: Rudy CHOUFANI
  • Vice president: Karim EZZEDINE
  • Treasurer: Henri CHAMI
  • Communication: Chloe HAKME
  • Public relations: Rafic CHEBARO & Nadim SALAME
Objectives and accomplishments :

During the academic year of 2017-2018, Le QARTEL, first Student Department at ESA, has organized many events including :

  • The sale of the book of Marwan ZGHEIB, BBA student, at ESA.
  • The sale of the book of Marwan ZGHEIB at the Salon du Livre at Biel.
  • “Coffin Break”, a Halloween theme evening organized at ESA.
  • A cocktail event dedicated for marginalized children.
  • Cocktail reception dedicated to children from disadvantaged areas.
  • Breakfast dedicated to children with mental problems.
  • “MUSIC BBQ AND BEER”, a barbecue event organized at ESA gardens.
  • “BIKE TO WORK MEETS ESA”, an event at ESA in partnership with THE CHAIN EFFECT during which a speaker explained the importance of the bike in Beirut city in matters of endangered green spaces.
  • Open day at ESA during which the members of Qartel met future ESA students in 2018-2019. Games were organized to make the event more pleasant.

Student Department of 2018-2019: The Eagles

In 2018, a new Student Department was elected : The Eagles
  • Chairman: Wassim BEJJANI
  • Vice president: Karen HAYEK
  • Treasurer: Ali DIAB
  • Secretary: Yara KESEROUANI
  • Communication: Tracy TAKCHI
Their objectives and achievements :
Objectives :
  • Spread the identity of ESA in Lebanon through the Student Department “The Eagles”
  • Create links between classes of BBA and also classes of Masters
  • Ensure a pleasant ambiance at the heart of ESA campus.

Future accomplishments :
  • Renovation of the Student Department area.
  • Annual evening – Gala Dinner
  • A day or weekend of integration for new students (BBA04)
  • Various events (Food contest, Outdoor movie, BBQ, evenings)
  • Handover ceremony
  • Adding yearly subscription for each student, an amount to be paid by all students to cover the activities of the Student Department.