The Campus

A 35,000 square meter campus; a wooded park unique to the heart of Beirut. Six buildings equipped to welcome students and executives undergoing training, in the best possible conditions for reflection, research and networking.


Campus History

As of 1860,German missions were established in the Levant region. One of the important achievements of these German Protestant missions was that of the Saint Jean de Beyrouth Hospital, managed by the Order of St. John of Kaiserswerth.

At the end of the First World War, France saw itself afforded a mandate over the part of the Ottoman Empire that today regroups Lebanon and Syria. Thus, France “inherited” the Saint Jean Hospital, under the auspices of “damages of war.” It was then converted into a French Military Hospital. This hospital today is the principle building of ESA.

When the French military troops left Lebanon, upon the advent of Independence in 1943, the location changed definitively, to house the French Chancellery and the entirety of its services until 1983, at which point the French diplomatic services were moved to Mar Takla, a suburb of Beirut.

In 1995, the Lebanese and French governments decided to establish an important training and education center, aimed at executives in Lebanon and the region, and the Clemenceau site was chosen to house ESA.

Campus Life

In ESA’s common spaces, fit with modern furniture and designed to allow optimal student comfort, students socialize, exchange ideas, ignite connections, built friendships and mostly create one of a kind memories. It is where they take their first steps into networking, and share their knowledge with their peers.

Campus Safety

One step ahead towards excellence…. ESA is an institution in line with the international norms of the ERP. Under the management of Mr Fadi Bdeir, manager in charge of the General Means department, a titans work and a whole range of actions and procedures have been implemented in order to ensure optimal conditions of security and management of the campus for our students and visitors!