Drug System/supply chain of medicines

Lebanon is not only an importer of many international brand marks but also a manufacturer of a significant part thereof. Hence the need for the State to strengthen drug management as to import, manufacture, storage and distribution.
Regulations have thus been reinforced, inspections multiplied and good practices disclosed in order to improve the product system and quality and subsequently patient safety. Following the implementation of good practices of drug storage and distribution by professionals (Order of importers, distributors, etc.), the Ministry decided to develop product management tools (list of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, etc.)

Actual project achievements

Enhancement of the whole drug chain management from registration to distribution:
  • Creation of technical subcommittees for studies on marketing authorization (MA)
  • Design and publishing of the Manual of Good Practices of storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals
  • Establishment of an ongoing quality approach: Audits on 106 warehouses of pharmaceutical companies as per the manual. A list of certified warehouses is available and updated on the website of the Ministry of Public Health
  • the Ministry of Public Health
  • Drafting of good laboratory practices.
  • Structuring the sector by creating:
    • Directory of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs
    • Directory of generic groups
    • Quality Manuals of pharmaceutical, inspection and psychotropic drugs departments of the Ministry of Public Health
  • Database for all clinical trials
  • Introduction of pharmacovigilance through:
    • Creation of the internal regulations and good practices of the national pharmacovigilance committee
    • Creation of a manual of good pharmacovigilance practices

Introduction of regulations for the reporting on side/adverse effects

Audits des Bonnes Pratiques de Stockage et Distribution des Médicaments (GSDP of Pharmaceutical Products)

Le site du Ministère
Listes des warehouses certifiées