ESA Healthcare

With over 10 years of experience in health management supported by its network of international experts, ESA has developed a genuine expertise in the field.

Today it provides a wide range of services ranging from training, research and event management to project management.

ESA is a privileged partner of the main public and private sector players/actors in Lebanon.

It contributes to the development of skills and the improvement of the health sector in Lebanon and the Middle East through:
  • Training of professionals in the pharmaceutical, hospital/medical and public sector.
  • Management of national public health projects on behalf of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

Tailor-Made Solutions

The ESA Executive Education tailor-made solutions address the challenges your company is facing/may be faced with.
ESA offers a unique expertise in health management and complements many public and private players from the pharmaceutical, hospital or insurance fields.



Call For Recruitment Of Surveyors For National Accreditation Of Hospitals.


Certificate in Pharmaceutical Management