Established in 1996 following an intergovernmental agreement between France and Lebanon, ESA is a Business School dedicated to the education of executives and managers in Lebanon and the Middle East and managed by the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
With its mission to form the elite of Lebanon and the region into the leaders of tomorrow, ESA has become a beacon of academic excellence within Lebanon, and a platform for interaction and meetings between Europe, the Middle East and Lebanon.

Paying keen attention to businesses and their needs, ESA assists them in developing their visions, and helps them better achieve their objectives by training and coaching their executives and managers.

Situated in the center of Beirut, and at the heart of the Middle East, ESA asserts its reach as an important international school, combining the talents of high-level learners and professors who rank among the world’s most preeminent specialists.

ESA Forces

  • Programs and Training

    Programs and courses made to measure, to train executives and managers, in accordance with the needs of the international workplace.
  • Faculty

    A faculty composed exclusively of professors drawn from the best business schools in Europe, particularly from ESCP Europe and HEC Paris.
  • International Degrees

    Two international certifications, to validate each academic path: the ESA Degree and the Degree from its prestigious partner school.
  • Schedule

    Flexible schedules allowing for both training and professional lives to be combined.
  • International Network

    An influential international network accessible by joining the ESA Alumni Association, which is linked to and a key associate of the ESCP Alumni Association.
  • Professional meetings

    An advantageous place for business encounters, ESA organizes regular seminars and panel conferences with international speakers.


General Director
ESA is today one of the principal players in education in Lebanon. Born in 1996, thanks to favorable international circumstances, a political desire stated at the highest levels, and the men and women who were able to convince, construct, and then support this newly created institution.
Over twenty years have passed since students first crossed the threshold of the ESA, twenty years during which the school’s energy never stopped yielding results through innovative projects at the service of the educational and entrepreneurial mission.

It is in that same innovative sprit that this Grande Ecole of Management was founded in 1995 through an ambitious partnership created at the highest political level between France and Lebanon. At a time where everything was to be rebuilt in the cedars country, ESA was given a highly demanding mission by its founding partners: build the leaders of tomorrow, in Lebanon and all the region, by relying on the expertise of the elites school of management in France and the world. Strong with a network of over 3000 graduates dedicated to their school, ESA can testify to the success of this academic model. The school represents a lively platform of exchanges and debates, made up of creative men and women responsible for their environment and carried by a similar ambition for their country. In an effort for constant innovation for the development of Lebanon, ESA has decidedly engaged in the path of entrepreneurship by fostering the creation of promising enterprises at the heart of its startup incubator Smart ESA, a bridge for the French digital expertise in Lebanon.

With the continuously confirmed support of its founding partners and with the same igniting momentum, ESA will continue its path in guiding the entrepreneurs and managers of the Middle East in their ambitions.

Academic Partners

Since its inception, ESA has maintained a solid network composed of some of the finest Business Schools, notably ESCP Europe and HEC Paris.

These partnerships allow our students to benefit from an international faculty of academic excellence, and obtain two certifications for each international degree curriculum: ESA Degree, and the Degree from our partner organization.

Corporate Partners

ESA has always incorporated the real business world into its approach to education and its teaching methodologies. Partnerships with companies are developed through the training of their executives and managers, the creation of research platforms, the organization of events, the sponsorship of zones dedicated to training or research and much more.

Thanks to ESA’s network, the School also organizes a yearly career fair which gathers together a number of Lebanese and international organizations offering employment or internships.