La Chaire Sante

Why a chair in this field at ESA ?

  • Prevention is the most effective program for a better health
  • It has an impact at all ages
  • It is generally neglected
  • It relies on education, vaccination, screening campaigns, early diagnosis and access to care
  • Effective prevention can save money and improve health budget efficiency
  • ESA is one of the top education player in the region
  • ESA decided the creation of the Preventive Healthcare Chair to contribute to the development of prevention in the MENA region
  • ESA will offer a unique platform for all the stakeholders (governments, payers, patients associations, healthcare providers, industry)
  • ESA will coordinate the program which can be delivered in Beirut and also in other cities in MENA (Oman, Dubai, Bahrein, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey…).

Which activities ?

The chair will be developed in 3 directions :
  • Training and education The chair will create and propose some specific trainings and programs about healthcare prevention in Beirut and other locations.
  • Research The chair will support some Doctorate Business Administration (DBA program) and Master in Management’s students on developing innovative projects.
    It will also create a platform to exchange ideas, news, articles on prevention.
  • Colloquium An annual colloquium will be organized for all the shareholders in the MENA region to share the vision, the questions and the issues of prevention through conferences, roundtables and seminars.