University Degree: Management Research (DU)

Teaching method

Class-room / face to face courses to be completed by a research thesis


Holder of a Master’s degree or a Master’s degree student


This specialized university degree aims at preparing students for research in management sciences. Complementary to a Master’s degree, this course prepares students to potentially further their studies with a PhD in Management Sciences in France or in Europe.

The training is innovative in its approach by way of seminars and is unique thanks to the training sessions overseen by approved researchers it offers.

Acquired competences:
  • Theories of Management Sciences
  • Research methodology
  • Epistemology

Possible Follow-up of studies:
  • PhD in Management Sciences in France


Training extends for 2 semesters, the first one covers 6 seminars from October till March, the second one covers tutoring and methodological support leading to drafting and presentation of a thesis.

Courses take place on Thursdays and Fridays evening, as well as Saturdays in order to fit in with a professional work schedule.


  • Research Competence Certificate from ESA
  • DU Recherche en Science de Gestion from l’IAE de Poitiers

These certificates do not entitle the student to a Master’s degree; instead, they highlight his/her acquired competences in management science research and thus help him/her to pursue a PhD program in Lebanon or abroad.


  • Online application
  • Preparation of a research project of a few pages
  • Oral interview in front of a jury


Application dates : On-going - Kindly contact

Ms. Nibal EL KADI ( +9611 373 373 ext. 1126) or

Ms. Diane ABDALLAH ( +9611 373 373 ext. 1128)


8200 USD

6200 USD (Student/ Alumni ESA)

Schooling spread over several installments

Application Process Fees: 120 USD

Administrative Registration Fees: 300 USD per academic year


Depending on the profile of the candidates, ESA can transfer the application file to specialized associations in awarding scholarships.