Hospital Accreditation

The Minister of Public Health lends great importance to the accreditation program which aims at enhancing the quality of care. Established since 2001 in collaboration with a number of international consultants, this program has highly contributed to the progress of the quality of short-term hospital services.
Since 2006, a dialogue process initiated between the French National Authority for Health Haute Autorité de santé and the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon has led to the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between both instances on July 3, 2006. This collaboration was put into practice in 2007 through close work with public hospitals in order to commit them to the project.
The accreditation process (standards and procedure) was reviewed to constantly improve the quality and implement new dimensions relative to patient safety and assessment of professional practices. Following these efforts, the Lebanese hospitals have undergone an audit examination as per the new procedure stipulated by the ministerial decree 482/1 on June 1, 2009.

A new accreditation is in progress due to the ongoing nature of the process.

Practical achievements of the process

  • Creation of decisional and state instances to control the accreditation process:
    National Hospital Accreditation Committee and the Technical Hospital Accreditation Committee.
  • Adaptation of current standards to new constraints and international regulations.
  • Implementation of the ongoing quality approach (Effective change management) by different players (public/private hospitals)
  • Training of health professionals (600 individuals underwent 3-month training in 19 sessions given in two languages)
  • Creation of a team of Lebanese trainers trained by the Haute Autorité de santé and a team of Lebanese auditors trained by the Lebanese trainers and teams delegated by the Ministry.
  • Positive audit results: High quality of health services in Lebanon.
  • Preparation of the methodology for ISQua accreditation according to new standards (International Society for Quality in Healthcare, international accreditation organism)