Noora Cheikh

It all started with a list. A list of pros and cons of whether to apply for an MBA degree or not at that stage in my life. What I wanted was to get a degree from a prestigious business school with international accreditation and be able to juggle my studies, work and private life. For that, ESA was a clear choice. Not only was it convenient, but the content and the exposure exceeded my expectations.

The mix of an international program, a seminar in Paris, supportive administration, and experienced mentors and students, helped me evolve on multiple levels: academic, professional and personal. I can go ahead and write about the diversified and academic program, inspiring professors, and much more, but what matters the most is the outcome. How did this experience, or journey, benefit my career and my life?

The degree shaped my academic profile differently than the BA did. I gained more insights and new ways of thinking. It helped me be more daring, heightened my awareness in the business world, and expanded my professional and personal network. Above all, it prepared me and supported my career move into an international organization.

Today, I can confidently say that ESA was the right choice. With the right level of commitment and dedication, one can definitely make the best out of the MBA program and reap multiple rewards in return.