Rami Diab

My seven years of core banking experience made any potential career switch outside the banking sector a very difficult move for me to achieve.

Wanting to have access to different professional opportunities, enrolling in the MBA program at ESA Business School was the ultimate answer for my need. With its high training in management, this MBA was the perfect tool that allowed a banker like myself to answer multiple requirements of the current labor market, thus opening professional career paths that were restricted for me until now.

Since the AMBA accreditation enabled highest distinctions for this MBA program, I can aim now with confidence for different managerial positions in multiple organizations, from business consulting to project management, and not only on the national level but on the international one as well.

In addition, having developed a business plan for a start-up company for my international consultancy project, that was reviewed by professors from best Europeans business schools, enhanced my entrepreneurial spirit and boosted my goals even further by aiming to establish my own private business in Lebanon that will also help in the economic development of the country…