The National Fund for Blood donation

With the collaboration of ESA, a group of people eager to carry out effective civil actions in favor of the Lebanese population throughout the country have created the National fund for Blood Donation.
Blood donation has been identified as one of the most pressing issues in Lebanon due to the nature of its supply and because it affects everyone: Any person is liable one day to need blood transfusion whether for personal use or for any relative or next of kin.
The purpose of the National Fund is therefore to raise the public’s awareness on blood donation. Its operations are carried out closely with the Ministry of Public Health, in particular the Comité National de Transfusion Sanguine (CNTS).

Professors and Experts

Doctor Pierre ANHOURY

Pierre Anhoury, M.D., M.P.H., is in charge of International Affairs at Curie Institute. He is a Professor at ESA Business School. He has created and animated different seminars and educational programs in the MENA region.

He was previously Director Strategy and Business Development at IPRi (International Prevention Research Institute) and in charge of Pharma R&D consulting, for Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa at Accenture. Global leader for Drug value management, Drug value Vigilance and competitive intelligence. He was previously Senior Vice President of MattsonJack (an American consulting company specialized in Cancer and Epidemiology). Dr Anhoury has deep expertise in hospital strategic planning, reimbursement and pricing, and market access for innovative drugs, with nearly 20 years’ experience as a management consultant to providers, governmental organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition to consulting, Dr Anhoury’ s experiences include a year with the ECRI Institute, a non-profit collaborating center affiliated with the World Health Organization, and multiple teaching roles in public health, health economics, and healthcare management. Dr Anhoury’ s academic credentials include M.D. and M.P.H. from Nancy University in France and M.S. in risk management from the University of Health Sciences in Chicago and a Degree in Clinical Oncology.

Professor Francis FAGNANI

Francis Fagnani is the Director of CEMKA-EVAL (Society for epidemiology, public health and health economics studies).

Honorary Research Director at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), expert economist at the Transparency Commission (1992-1997), Francis FAGNANI founded CEMKA in 1990. He is a recognized expert in the field of health economics and public health research on an international level. For more than 10 years he was director of a research unit specialized in the field of health economics and evaluation and, as such, was directly involved in teaching, research and the implementation of economic evaluation methods in France and internationally.

Francis Fagnani also taught Economics of Research and Development at Paris-Dauphine University (1980-1988) and participated in numerous courses in health economics. His research has been the subject of more than 150 publications in newspapers referenced.

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