Certificate in Project Management Fundamentals


The Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) training program, in partnership with Align Management solutions, gives project managers the opportunity to acquire the tools and competencies needed to create and manage end-to-end project delivery

The PMF also gives them sufficient contact hours, thus paving the way for them to apply for the PMP certification through an extra preparatory and mentoring session: in-class extra exercises, presentation of the PMP exam application form and the testing process, development of an individual study plan for each participant, extra supporting tools, and simulation tests.


• Understand why project management is a profession and why it’s valuable to organizations.
• Understand the purpose of PMI and the PMBOK and how to use these resources in your own efforts to apply project management to help achieve business objectives.
• Understand the Project Management Life Cycle, Phases, Knowledge areas, activities and deliverables.
• Apply Key PM outputs, tools, techniques and methods: Charter, Scope statement, WBS, Timelines, communication plans, resource plans, etc.
• Know how to prepare for the CAPM, PMP certification exam.


For further information please contact, Michèle El Khoury
T : 00 961 1 373 373 ext : 1141
C : elkhoury.m@esa.edu.lb