Islamic Art : Analysis & Appreciation


The aim is to acquire a solid working knowledge of the background culture of the Islamic world and the main artistic genres that were produced there across 14 centuries.
This will greatly enrich our understanding of the world we live in and its often glorious, tolerant and open-minded past. It is intended that the attendants will develop their own individual mental skills in appreciating the artistic factors behind great works of Islamic art and discerning the social, historical or cultural elements that influence the valuation of artworks. For those who intend to work in the art market (and related fields) or build up their own collections, it is hoped that the training and didactic methodology of the course will allow them to recognize, appreciate and materially or financially evaluate any objects they may encounter later on in their careers.

The module takes place at ESA from 9am to 5pm.


Regular rate: USD 700 (excluding VAT)
Alumni rate: USD 600 (excluding VAT)
Early bird rate: USD 500 (excluding VAT)


For more information, kindly contact ESA Executive Education: 00 961 1 373 373 ext. 1141