Public Speaking Skills


04-02-2019 09:00


05-02-2019 05:00


-Know how to create and maintain a strong relationship with their audience, including during question-and-answer sessions.
-Have learned and practiced techniques enabling them to deal with their anxiety and feel confident when presenting to a group.
-Know how to prepare and structure a powerful and convincing oral presentation.
-Have practiced several techniques helping them to speak with strong voice impact.
-Know how to use body-language in order to enhance their conviction.

The module takes place at ESA from 9am to 5pm


4 - 5 February 2019


Regular rate: USD 700 (excluding VAT)
Alumni rate: USD 600 (excluding VAT)
Early bird rate: USD 500 (excluding VAT), available until 4 January 2019


For more information, kindly contact ESA Executive Education: 00 961 1 373 373 ext. 1141