The Blockchain Technology and its uses - Introduction session


01-02-2019 09:00


01-02-2019 05:00


The objective of this course is to help you understand the Blockchain technology & its uses in a fundamental way.

 It will cover the essential components of the Blockchain Technology, its foundation and its multiple characteristics including Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts.
 At the end of this workshop you will be able to :

 - Draw you own conclusions on the Blockchain and decide if you are an enthusiast or a sceptic
 - Build business ideas using the Blockchain Technology
 - Build your views on Cryptocurrencies in a more fundamental way
 - Build your views on Smart Contracts in a more fundamental way
 - Elaborate around the various uses of the Blockchain

The module takes place at ESA from 9am to 5pm


1st February 2019


USD 350 (excluding VAT)


For more information, kindly contact ESA Executive Education: 00 961 1 373 373 ext. 1141