The Blockchain Technology and its uses - Introduction session


01-02-2019 09:00


01-02-2019 05:00


The objective of this course is to help you understand the Blockchain technology & its uses in a fundamental way.
 It will cover the essential components of the Blockchain Technology, its foundation and its multiple characteristics including Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts.
 At the end of this workshop you will be able to :
 - Draw you own conclusions on the Blockchain and decide if you are an enthusiast or a sceptic
 - Build business ideas using the Blockchain Technology
 - Build your views on Cryptocurrencies in a more fundamental way
 - Build your views on Smart Contracts in a more fundamental way
 - Elaborate around the various uses of the Blockchain
 This course is accessible to any audience with no prerequisite required. 


The Blockchain technology will affect every industry and, in fine, redefine a new economic model.
This workshop is relevant to actors/players in the:

- Financial community: Central bank, investment/commercial banks, financial services institutions
- Industrial sector
- Media sector
- Distribution sector / Supply chain
- Healthcare sector
- Retail sector
- Government agencies and bodies
- Technology sector
- Real Estate sector
- Legal sector
- Etc..


The Program will cover the below topics:

- What is the Blockchain
- The history of the Blockchain and Bitcoin
- How does the Blockchain work
- Who uses the Blockchain
- What are the uses of the Blockchain
- What is a Cryptocurrency, an ICO
- Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies – Alt coins
- What is a D-app or Decentralized App
- What is a Smart Contract
- Blockchain applications in several sectors
- What are the key questions that need to be addressed when considering Blockchain in your industry


Danielle Khayat Saikaly


USD 350 (Excluding VAT)


For more information, kindly contact ESA Executive Education : 00 961 1 373 373 ext. 1141